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Grades 1-5

Quality Dance Instruction



In association with ISTD

Grade 1 is where the Barre is first introduced, which is a very exciting time for the dancer. This class will introduce the health and safety aspects of barre work. Through grades 1 - 3 the dancer will spend time learning new exercises in both barre and centre work, introducing new feet and arm positions.


Grade 4 and 5 are traditionally the grades where the dancer will begin pointe work (if the dancer is strong enough). The work is beginning to become very mature with lots of detail. The dancer should be physically strong enough to deal with the complexity this grade will demand. The dancer is encouraged to take time to work on strength and flexibility. This could be in One of our conditioning classes or it may be at the gym in their own time.


The Intermediate grade is recommended if you are thinking of moving forward professionally with your dance. It is a very detailed grade including pointe work. Both the music and the routines are beautiful making it a very special to be a part of this grade. 

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